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Device Map by Crosswise

Users spend their time on multiple devices. It has become critical that advertisers, publishers and consumer brands intelligently interact with their audiences across all the various devices each consumer is using.

How does it work?

We collect over one petabyte of user activity data, representing billions of unique devices, every month. We apply advanced data science and proprietary machine learning techniques to this data, to construct a probabilistic device map that anonymously matches devices to individual users.

Our Service

We deliver our proprietary device map to Ad Tech vendors, publishers and consumer brands. Our mission is to enable you to add cross-device capabilities to your existing advertising, content personalization and analytics systems, in a simple and cost effective manner.

Desktop-to-mobile sync

Link the PCs and mobile devices visiting your site to a single consumer.

Mobile-to-desktop sync

Target PC-based audiences based on their mobile device activity.

Communicate with People, Not Devices

Our Cross-Device identification technology can be used for:

Cross-Device Retargeting

Find your users wherever they go. We enable you to target the same exact users across their different devices.

Cross-Device Campaigns

Deliver consistent messaging to your audience across all of their devices.

Accurate Analytics

Measure the true unique reach and frequency of your audience by counting people, not devices.

Better Attribution

See the whole picture by tracing conversions to a user’s activity across multiple devices.


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Crosswise provides the world's most authoritative consumer device map to ad tech vendors, consumer brands and premium publishers.

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