The Advantages of Cross-Device Data Providers that Don’t Require You to Pool Your Data

Posted on 3 May 2016 by David Fishman

Cross-device data providers supply datasets (also known as device maps or device graphs) that identify the various devices (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) used by individual consumers. These device maps provide critical information that allows advertisers, publishers and others to effectively reach users across their devices for purposes such as cross-device retargeting, cross-device analytics, cross-device…

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Understand the Pitfalls of Evaluating Cross-Device Maps Using a Truth Set (Part 1)

Posted on 5 April 2016 by Jonathan Seidner

Measuring the performance of cross-device data might seem simple at first, but unfortunately, this is not the case. In an earlier post, we discussed the importance of understanding the inherent trade-off between precision and recall in cross-device mapping. This post will address some important pitfalls involved with using truth sets to evaluate and compare cross-device…

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The Advantages of Device Maps that Include Predicted Match Likelihoods

Posted on 21 March 2016 by Jonathan Seidner

Because of the nature of probabilistic device maps, it is possible for them to indicate a predicted likelihood that any two matched devices are being used by the same individual consumer. As opposed to a simple listing of binary (yes/no) device matches, as provided by all deterministic device maps and most probabilistic device maps, the…

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The Trade-Off between Precision and Recall in Cross-Device Mapping

Posted on 10 March 2016 by Jonathan Seidner

An article in our Cross-Device Learning Center, Device Map Accuracy, Precision and Recall, comprehensively explains the technical differences between the three different measurements used to describe device maps, and particularly the inherent trade-off between precision and recall. However, that article doesn’t go into much detail on when a company should focus more on precision and…

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Probabilistic vs. Deterministic Device Matching: There is no Debate!

Posted on 2 February 2016 by Steve Glanz

We spend a lot of our time speaking with advertisers, agencies, publishers and AdTech vendors about improving their advertising, analytics and personalization capabilities by adding cross-device identification data into their existing systems. One of the first questions we get in these conversations regards whether our device map is based on deterministic or probabilistic matching, and…

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You, Too, can Increase your Retargeting Conversions by 20%

Posted on 12 January 2016 by Jonathan Seidner

One of the most effective advertising mechanisms in wide use today is retargeting, the delivery of relevant and focused ads to consumers when it matters most: soon after purchase intent is revealed. The fact that most consumers now conduct their research and shopping across multiple connected devices drastically reduces the effectiveness of the traditional, cookie-based…

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