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Crosswise provides the world’s most authoritative consumer device map to AdTech vendors, consumer brands and premium publishers. Combining data science, Big Data and machine learning, Crosswise identifies which PCs, phones, tablets, digital TVs and other connected devices are being used by individual consumers.


Communicate with People, Not Devices

It has become critical that advertisers, publishers and consumer brands intelligently interact with their audiences across all the various devices each consumer is using:


Americans own an average of four digital devices and engage with media content across screens for more than 60 hours per week.

Mobile app usage already accounts for more than 50% of all time spent on digital media.

90% of consumers accomplish online activities, such as researching and shopping online, using multiple devices.

71% of consumers don’t take well to inconsistent messaging from a brand across their devices.

When companies can customize content, advertising and other online experiences to individual consumers across the various devices they use - and obtain accurate cross-device user analytics and conversion attribution - massive value is unlocked.

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