Device Map for Consumer Brands

Reaching consumers in the most effective way, across the entire digital landscape, is a top priority for your company. Both for branding campaigns and performance advertising, you need to reach the right consumers at the right time with the right message. The only way to do this effectively is to focus on individual consumers and not their devices! How? By using our cross-device data to reach your target consumers on all the devices they use, intelligently.

Incorporating Device Map by Crosswise into your systems also allows you to achieve the degree of analytics and attribution accuracy you need to truly understand your audience and make the right strategic decisions.

Some of the main ways consumer brands use Device Map by Crosswise are:


Targeted advertising
across devices

It is no longer enough to target your consumers only on the one device they happened to be using when they were initially identified as being as part of a particular target segment. Make sure that your ads are reaching their intended audiences regardless of which PC, tablet, smartphone or digital TV they are using at any given time.


Cross-device retargeting

Google reports that 90% of consumers accomplish online activities, such as researching and shopping online, using multiple devices. Especially because retargeting is most effective soon after the last site visit, it is critical that your retargeting communications reach the relevant consumers on all the devices they may be using within your specified retargeting time frame.


Global frequency capping

You’re already using frequency capping to make sure that you’re not wasting advertising dollars or annoying consumers. But, if you can’t identify all the different devices that a particular consumer is using, then you may be bombarding her with many more ad views than you intended! Global frequency capping allows you to implement your existing frequency capping strategies per consumer, instead of per device.


Content personalization

Drive increased purchases and exceptional user experiences by using data-driven content, personalization based on cross-device behaviors. Highlight products and deliver targeted on-site/in-app offers based on product interests for known users even on devices you’ve never encountered before.


More accurate attribution metrics

Because the vast majority of consumers spread the online shopping process across multiple devices, it is impossible to accurately attribute conversions to the campaigns that contributed to them without looking at the whole picture. Only by integrating a device map into your analytics systems can you know which ads, landing pages and other assets were involved in any particular sale.


More accurate analytics

By counting people (not devices), you will be able to determine, for the first time, the true unique reach of your content and advertising, both in terms of total number of actual consumers you are reaching and the actual ad frequency each one is experiencing. You will be able to understand user pathing across all of their devices to improve acquisition marketing and strategic decision-making. In fact, you will be able to improve the accuracy of your user analytics across every metric!

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