Device Map for Publishers

As an advanced digital publisher, you already have extensive expertise at monetizing your audiences and ad inventory. Adding the cross-device dimension will allow you to unlock tremendous additional value hiding within your existing data assets.

Most consumers today use multiple devices, including PCs, tablets and smartphones, to access your content. The resulting fragmentation can limit a lot of what your existing solutions are capable of. You can eliminate those restrictions – and dramatically expand your capabilities – by integrating Device Map by Crosswise into your systems.


Expand your packaged segments/audiences

Why limit the segments you sell to only those devices that have already browsed your website or run your app? With our device map data, you will be able to expand your packaged audiences to include every PC, tablet, smartphone and digital TV used by your visitors, even if you’ve never seen those additional devices before. More cookies and device IDs means more revenue!


Increase your overall volume of targetable ad inventory

Your audience-targetable ad inventory today is limited to the original device and platform on which each visitor was initially active. Triple or quadruple your audience-targetable ad inventory by allowing advertisers to target your valuable audiences across all the devices they use to visit your website and run your app.


Increase on-site and in-app ad revenues

Increase your ad CPM rates by selling higher-priced, more targeted ads across all device types. Improve performance for your advertisers by delivering sequential messaging across devices and by targeting PC users across mobile devices and mobile users on their PCs.


Increase personalization-driven engagement

Drive engagement using data-driven content personalization based on cross-device behaviors. Deliver exceptional user experiences by personalizing content for known users on devices you’ve never encountered before.


Improve analytics

By counting people (not devices), you will be able to determine, for the first time, the true unique reach of your assets, both in terms of actual visitors and the true visit frequency of each. You will be able to understand user pathing across all of their devices to improve acquisition marketing and strategic decision-making. In fact, you will be able to improve the accuracy of your user analytics across every metric!

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